Computer LAB


 Computer LAB provides education to more than 180 students in science and application batches


Hardware Configuration


Core I3

  2 GB RAM
  140 GB Hard disk
  K.B, Mouse, Speaker (Surround)
  Web cam, Scanner, TV Card

Client Machines

Core I3,AMD, P3, Celeron


HP DeskJet, Canon MF 3110 Photo Copier
  i255 Cannon Photo quality


15 battery backup

Internet Connection

Broad Band BSNL

Computer Science Batch

C++ , Oracle (SQL),PHP

Commerce batch

 PHP, C++, Oracle, (SQL), HTML, Tally (Computerized Accounting), MS Office, Internet

Humanities Batch

Oracle (SQL) HTML, Linux OS- GIMP, Internet Browsing, Page maker,E-commerce Lab,MS-Office,Communicative English and Listening Lab.



The Library:-

School Library consists of a vast collection of books bought in the past eighty five years of the school's existence the higher secondary sections has a special collection of well chosen books to serve its own exclusive purposes. To cater the needs of entrance going students, this section contains a wide collection of popular entrance guides. Apart from this , the section also contains books touching various spheres of knowledge as well as those which dwell deep into its bifurcated specifications meant for reference and general reading , they are carefully chosen so as to inculcate in the students a thirst for further reading and to place them in the wider visitors of knowledge best assured of these books will enable them to the graver readings demanded of them in the higher levels.


Zoology Lab:-

 LAB facilitates specimen, chemicals, models, slides, and equipments required for conducting the practicals.



Compound Microscope

Dissection Microscope
Specimens of all phyla
Models of organs
Slides of Tissues and Microscopic arrangement.

Practicals Conducted:-

Blood Test

Urine Test
Saliva Test
Cheek cell Identification
Cockroach Dissection


Teaching Staff:-

All the teachers are qualified as per HSE directorate rules

Photos of teaching staff




 Priya.P M.A. B.Ed
Lakshmy.M M.A. B.Ed SET
Baburaj MA, BED, SET
Sindhu.E.T. M.A. B.Ed. SET
Lekshmi Devi.S M.A B.Ed SET


 A.Raji M.A. B.Ed
Suma.T M.A. B.Ed SET


 T.S.Padmaja M.A. B.Ed
Rasmi. P M.A. B.Ed. SET


  Ramadas K M.A, M.Phil, BEd


 Mrudula.P.Nair M.Sc. B.Ed
M Sunitha.Menon M.Sc. B.Ed SET
Hema.N. M.Sc. M.Ed SET


  Shylaja.S M.Sc. B.Ed
Rekha Nair.L M.Sc. M.phil, B.Ed SET
Preetha .P.P M.Sc. B.Ed SET


 N.Venugopalan M.Sc. B.Ed
 Manoj Kumar.P M.Sc. B.Ed SET
Sreeja.k M.Sc. B.Ed SET

 Computer Science/Applications:-

  Preetha. M. P MCA
 Pran. K. M.Phil(Computer Science), L.L.B


  M. Sylaja M. Phil


  K. R. Ratnam. M.Sc., B.Ed


Ambily. V. G M.Com., B.Ed, SET
 Vinod. K. M.Com., B.Ed, DSE, SET
 Shini Gangadharan M.Com, B.Ed, SET


 Shylaja.K M.A. B.Ed
 P.Radhika M.A. B.Ed SET
 Rejitha M.A. B.Ed SET


Sheela K.  M.A.B.Ed


Bhagia Lakshmi.P M.A.B.Ed

 Political Science:-

Unnikrishnan. K M.A M.phil, U.G.C, LLB

Gandhian Studies

Dr.C.D. Muraly M.A, M.Phil,  Phd, U.G.C

Course Details


Science (Computer Science)


Science (Biology)  150
Commerce Maths 50
Commerce Computer Science 50
Humanities( Sociology)  50
Humanities(Communicative English) 50





 Non- Teaching Staff:-



Model of conveyance (School Bus):-

The School provides bus service through select routes in the city.
 Those who are interested can contact the school office for details.

There are two buses which cater the needs of student transport.


The laboratories of Vivekodayam Higher Secondary School are equipped with the latest paraphernalia. The apparatuses are new, students friendly, accurate and full-fledged. The laboratory hours are arranged in such a manner that each student gets one apparatus at a time to do the experiment. They are also given sufficient time to practice before the commencement of practical examinations. A majestic computer laboratory equipped with Pentium-4processors, Windows NT networking and Internet facility is exemplary of the concern we give to the facilities at large. Decidedly, these laboratories are among the best in the state.


Botany Lab



Physics Lab


Chemistry Lab




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