The Higher Secondary Section


 When the higher education in the state took the higher secondary route, we were awarded with two science batches and one humanities batch on August 24, 1998. The classes were begun with three highly competent promoted teachers and some guest lecturers. On September 1, 1998 a team of experienced and qualified teachers joined hands with the promoted lot to churn out one of the best higher secondary schools of the state. Thanks to the excellence gained within a short time, government further sanctioned two more science batches, one Commerce batch and one humanities batch.

Many an eyebrow was raised when pre-degree got de-linked from colleges. Rumors went about that higher secondary sector could never cope with college education. But Vivekodayam School has been one of the pioneers to dispel all the doubts regarding this. It is uniquely gifted with a team of dedicated teachings staff whose immense experience and qualification in the field has raised the school's position to enviable heights. The higher secondary education in Thrissur district is at present sweating hard to keep abreast of the Vivekodayam education. The strict discipline and impetus in learning we impart here is unparalleled.


Education @ Vivekodayam


Adhering to the present trends, the higher secondary section of Vivekodayam is envisaged as a mixed one. The aim is to promote a healthy co-education system, which is the need of the hour today. The higher secondary section consists of four science batches (one Biology-Mathematics combination). Catering to the varied needs of the students it also has one Commerce batch with Computer Application) and to Humanities (one with Computer Application) batches.


The Unaided Section


We are happy that we could start higher secondary unaided girls' section in the year 2001. This section, at present, has two science streams-one with Biology -Mathematics combination and the other with Biology-Computer Science combination. Here too we are committed to maintain similar standard of teaching, convenience and facilities


Mode of Conveyance


 The school provides bus service through select routes in the city. Those who are interested may contact the school office for details.






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